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by on Oct.14, 2006, under The Rest

I remember writing about the trailer for this film, and then managing to miss it completely at the cinema. I bought it on DVD, and tonight was finally the right night to watch it.

This stood out:

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  • Tom

    Just crashes one second in for me. What is it? Where can I get? Tom want media!

  • MHW

    Your set up can’t handle YouTube? You have my sympathies.

    The film is Mirrormask, a Dave Mckean/Neil Gaiman collaboration with Henson. Some thoughtful person has uploaded the whole damn thing to Google Video, but I have no idea as to what point in the film this clip occurs. This is the link:

    It will take a long time to load. You could buy the DVD instead.

  • admin

    Why is it that my upload of a five year old Comic Relief sketch that no one remembers gets removed from Google Video and YouTube within minutes, but entire films and TV shows get left alone?

  • MHW

    Nobody watches Google Video. That’s likely the difference.

    And besides, as I pointed out previously, the BBC seem very proactive WRT protecting their rghts, even over minor matters.

  • Tom

    I wish that had been a clip involving Andy Hamilton off Old Harry’s Game. He is the only reason I want to see the film.

    And Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean blah blah blah.

  • always_black

    I watched this last night off of pay per view. Couldn’t help comparing it to Labyrinth and thinking Mirrormask was a bit too broken up and disjointed. It was a bit too realistically ‘dreamlike’ in the sense that tenuous transitions were all jarring and hard to follow.