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Keep It In The Family

by on Oct.04, 2006, under The Rest

I’m obliged to tell the story of how I explained to Leo Tan PR Man that Byron had slept with his sister.

Tom F celebrated his hatefully youthful birthday last Friday by hosting a Pizza Party, where a select group of the very finest writers, and some other people Tom knows, gathered together for an evening of making pizzas and playing Guitar Hero in black and white. Said party hosted said moment.

So it seems the problem was, I was talking about the poet Byron. Leo wasn’t.

It’s remarkable how sincere you can sound when you’re telling the truth. Just, not the truth the other person is hearing.

“Byron slept with his sister?”


“He REALLY slept with his sister.”

“YES! He’s famous for it!”

“Well, she is hot.”

At that point the twig snapped.

“Oh God! No! You’re thinking of Simon Byron! HE hasn’t slept with his sister!”

“Well, she is really hot.”

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  • Andy Krouwel

    Oh, I thought you were implying the social akwardness of explaining that Simon had slept with Leo’s sister.

    Language, eh? Tch.

  • Leo

    John’s certainly not in command of it.

  • Tedi Worrier

    Command and Concur?

  • Tedi Worrier

    Let me tell of Oedipus Rex
    You may have heard about his odd complex
    His name appears in Freud’s index
    Because he loved his mother

    So be sweet and kind to mother
    Now and then have a chat
    Buy her candy or some flowers
    Or a brand new hat
    But maybe you should let it go at that …

    (with acknowledgemt to Tom Lehrer)

  • byronicman

    There’s a much more entertaining story about someone who’s married trying to drag my sister into the toilets in order to get off with her. Lord Byron would have been impressed by the romance, clearly. My father would not.

    She didn’t get off with him, incidentally.

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