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by on Sep.04, 2006, under The Rest

It’s been eight years, but it’s time for a change of email address. 100+ spams a day is more than my little mind can take, and so

johnw (a) is dead.

Long live

botherer {([a])}

johnw will be routing to the gmail account anyways, but now’s the time to update. RIGHT NOW.

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  • The_B

    And to really fool those spammers, the address in the right bar reads [at]
    -good thinking!


  • Neil

    I am undecided about people changing their email address. An email can be likened to a car or a house, something which your friends become familiar with and identify with you but naturally should perhaps be changed every few years. However, certainly changing email address because of spam feels more like becoming a refugee, driven out by noisy neighbours or the settling of a a nearby gypsy encampment.

    Many old acquaintances have managed to contact me because my email address has been static for 10 years and is easy to remember. I would hate to loose this perk of the internet.

  • admin

    Thanks The_B and Sarah – the one on the right was wrong.

    I agree Neil, but there comes a point where we have to step out into the big scary world and try on a new hat. And, unless Nick becomes enraged at me, Ice should keep routing the old address for the rest of eternity.

  • Frosty840

    The current fashion in hiding e-mail is to stagger your {[(at])] parentheses.
    Apparently the webbybots are less adept at deciphering these cunning designs.

  • Stu W

    Kieron makes about 5 times the amount of posts as yourself, dear John. Does that mean that he has a life 4 times more interesting or that you are 5 times more busy?

  • admin

    This week I’ve been 500 times as busy. I WORKED FOR 14 HOURS YESTERDAY.

  • Tedi Worrier

    Come off it!
    You’ve never been awake for 14 hours in the same day!

  • admin

    Blimey, I wish. And it’s true. 9.30am to 11.30pm on Weds.