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Woke Up New

by on Aug.31, 2006, under The Rest

Having something so infantile as a favourite band rather surprises me. But I’m aware there’s no hesitation in my mind when faced with the challenge of only being able to pick one artist to listen to. It’s The Mountain Goats. It helps that Darnielle’s written over 45 billion albums, each very wonderful.

The new one, Get Lonely, which I can’t possibly have heard, is the gentle tone distilled to purity. I should imagine.

There’s a single, Woke Up New, which is as painful and honest as any post-break-up song could be, while exquisitely beautiful. And there’s a video, directed by ‘Brick’ director, Rian Johnson. All involved have requested that the high-res video be redistributed at will, by whatever means. (“Made available by the director. Please feel free to re-post, distribute, torrent, etc.”) My choice was to upload it to Google video, which has of course reduced it down to the same poor quality as the low res version already on YouTube, but nevermind, I post it here anyway.

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