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by on Aug.06, 2006, under The Rest

Oh wow, I am The Internet’s Greatest Hero!

And not for just one reason, not three, not fifty, but TWO.


If you score between 55 and 80% on the test posted below, you get the result:

“I imagine you’re the sort that while at school never fell for the “Would you like to join the Pen One Five Club?” joke. You know, after the first time someone did it to you.”

Which led to a moment of pure blissful wonderfulness, where the Internets’ Greatest Draws-er, Charity Larrison, asked me what the “PEN ONE FIVE” club was. Oh yes. YES!

A nation's school children bow heads in respect


Blaming me directly in the comments below, Masked Dave has posted a Total Eclipse Of The Heart miming video! And as if to try and compete with the astonishing hotness of the girl from the other video, he seems a rather handsome fellow, ladies and the gay.

One for the laaaadieeeees

Oh, if I were the sort to ever write OMG!!!, it would be right now.

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  • Masked Dave

    You bugger! Not only have I just realised the stunning irony of a guy calling himself ‘Masked’ Dave showing his face to one and all, but I posted that comment to an old thread, where noone but you should have ever seen it! I DIDN’T THINK YOU’D TELL EVERYONE!

    *goes to live in a cave*

  • admin

    You dipstick – you posted it to your own blog, and in a live thread on a recent post!

    I think an important lesson about posting things on the internet has been learned.

  • DuBBle

    whats the lesson?
    if you find youself in too much of a rush to respond right here and now, i can post my home address and credit card details so that you can send a reply via the postal system at your leisure and charge the cost of postage to my bank account.

  • Kieron Gillen

    I prefer the “Do You Want To Join The “BIG FAT COCK scrawled on your hand” Club” game.


  • Mr Chris

    Ah, the public school version of the game.

  • MHW

    John, is that your hand in the photo?

  • admin

    No. I think it’s fairly reasonable to assume it might be Charity’s. Which it is.

  • MHW

    Well, you do have fairly pudgy girly hands. Admittedly, they’re on the end of hulking great hairy gorilla arms, but you can see how I might have been confused.

    The Total Eclipse meme post was great BTW. I thought I’d mention that just in case it looked as if I just turn up here to insult you or check your spelling.

    Hmm, and now it looks as if I’ve turned up here to insult Charity. So can I just add that her work on the comic she’s doing with Gillen is very good? Because it is. I’m in the middle of reading it now.

  • bob arctor

    I never did the club thing at school. Maybe it didn’t reach Somerset.

    Also: I disagree that the girl is particularly hot. Reasonable. But nothing to write home about.

    A bit laddish to say, but John started it, and he’s far from laddish.

    And Masked Dave: I like the house. Can’t go wrong with oak beams.

  • bob arctor

    Need someone to do some Pink Floyd miming stuff next. Comfortably numb’d work great.
    “When AAAAAIII was a child! I had a fleeting glimpse! Out of the corner of my EYE! [points frantically at eye!]”

    Or Supertramp. Asylum maybe. “SAILBOAT RIDE! HE AIN’T EVER LIKELY TO!”

  • charity

    1. Masked Dave – you win at spinning.

    2. KG – yes we know.

    3. MWH – a good way to tell us apart is that I have sparkly nail polish. except at that exact moment in time it was kind of chipped and there is nothing worse than pudgy girly hands with chipped nail polish and a great biro PEN15 scrawled across the back. at least one element had to go. i am sure you understand.

    4. Bob – giving people pink floyd earworms is excessive cruelty especially first thing in the morning

  • MHW

    Charity – I’ve never been entirely convinced that John wouldn’t wear nail polish, given the opportunity. After all, I have witnessed many of his disasters adventures in hair colouring.

  • charity

    i am 100% in favor of boys who wear nail polish. I think John Walker’s color would be shiny black though rather than sparkly.

  • MHW

    Isn’t black just for emo kids? these days?

    Yes, John should wear it.

  • Tedi Worrier

    No he shouldn’t !!! !

  • Sarah

    I’m casting a vote in favor of the nail polish, with a request for pictures as well. Just something to tide your audience over, until there’s a new Brian maybe?

  • Tedi Worrier

    We’re soon to be overdue the eagerly awaited Unca Brian issue

    …..(aren’t we?