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The DS Game or Spam Subject Test

by on Aug.06, 2006, under The Rest

EDIT: It seems to be working at random. Something’s up at OKC. If it doesn’t work, wait ten minutes and try again. Or indeed, do something else.

Scanning through the new release lists for the Nintendo DS, spying games I want to bagsie for review as early as possible, I was suddenly struck by…

Well, that’s fairly obvious.

And so a Test was born: The DS Game or Spam Subject Test

Answers are linked from the results pages.

6 Comments for this entry

  • Rev. S Campbell

    “This test was deleted and is no longer active. You can find other tests to take on our lists page.”

  • admin

    There seems to be a bug with the OKC test software recently. Refresh and try again, and it should be there.

  • wiper

    Still won’t let me play :(

  • Steve W

    “You scored higher than 99% on Astutementness”

    I rule! Either that or I spend too much time reading emails of questionable content.

  • aerisdead

    I only got two wrong. I rule also.

  • wiper


    “OMFG! FTW!!!!!!11one
    You scored 84% Astutementness!
    Astonishing. Which leads me to suspect one of two things: You either purchase all your games from obscure Japanese gaming sites, or IT’S YOU THAT WRITES ALL THE SPAM!

    Ha! Caught you – you totally fell into my trap. Now you will be sealed in box and posted to the Moon.”

    Not as good as some, but still pleased with my astutigeekness.