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  • DaveT

    Tsh, John, “We talk to lead developer Stockman, and take stock, man. Ha.” Is an awful, awful phrase, and should never be used. NEVER.

    More Brain needed to restore the balance, I believe.

  • Andy Krouwel


    Don’t normally comment on the substance of articles, but sheesh o’sheeshy Saint’s Row has so few new ideas it’s making my head pound. They’re not even trying to cover it up.

    “Completion not only earns you money, but also Respect.” Not at all like GTA 2, then.

    “For instance, if you carjack a vehicle with more than one person inside, you’ll immediately find yourself playing the Hostage mini-game.” So, instead of just pinching a car you like the look of for a quick spin, you now have to check to find one with no passengers or suffer mini-game consequences. Hope there’s lots of convertibles!

    “This notion of gaining territory introduces another distinguishing aspect…the ability to recruit ‘homies'” Not like San Andreas, then, oh no.

    “There are a lot of jokes thrown around the city, and some slightly more subtle than in-game burger chain, Freckled Bitches’ slogan, “You can’t beat our meat.”” Oh, God, not like (to choose just one example) Rusty’s Ring Donuts from Vice City, or Sp(r)unk from San Andreas or anything.

    “Some of the spoof commercials, and especially the right-wing-alike talk radio station, are superbly written and produced, sometimes even scathing in their satire.” Not like GTA 3, Vice City and *urk* *dies*

  • admin

    Andy, I’m not sure how much more I could have gone on about how it’s a blatent copy of GTA. Really, read the words and calm your hissyfit down.

  • Andy Krouwel

    Not directed at you John, despair directed at the interviewee and their bone-headed insistence on it not being GTA, then pointing out a load of features that quite clearly were in GTA.

    You’re preview clearly said ‘look! It’s GTA!’

  • Andy Krouwel

    Also I was annoyed to discover that it wasn’t a game about ecumenical disagreement.