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  • wiper

    “Half-Life 2: Episode 1 has me play the subservient man, following the instructions of the more able, the more skilled, the more creative and the more intelligent woman… Dreamfall had me alternate between April Ryan and ZoĆ« Castillo, encountering a world through two distinct female perspectives. Metroid Prime: Hunters has me playing super-hard action heroine Samus. And those are simply the games I’ve happened to play in the last few weeks.”


  • DaveT

    Will we ever get the full unedited version, then?

  • admin

    It’s not like that. This piece says it all. It just has the meandering nonsense removed.

  • Alex Hopkinson

    You’ve seeped out into the world of comics:

  • R0sie

    well im a feminist so ha

  • MHW

    The need for spatial skills such as are involved in map reading and parking cars, and analytic logic, tend to put women off.

  • Rosie

    well actually its your chauvinism that puts women off

    [i love alkenes]

  • Sarah

    Hey John, are you easing up on rule #32?