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What DO those people do at Christmas?

by on Jun.09, 2006, under The Rest

I was reminded of this clip for one reason or another, and so dug it out.

It’s worth an airing. From an episode of Radio 4’s Heresy – a David Baddiel-fronted comedy discussion programme, where received opinions are challenged. It was December 2004, and the panel including Victoria Cohen and Armando Iannucci were discussing the received opinion that Christmas is too commercialised. Baddiel turns to the audience for someone supporting the position, and, well listen.

What is most terrifying is – well, what she says, but also – not the woman’s being completely oblivious to the bedlam she’s creating, but that she’s laughing along with everyone without knowing what she’s laughing at.

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  • bob_arctor

    I heard it first time round. I wish they’d extend Heresy to an hour, or just do 1 issue per show, as some of them are really fascinating. In fact ditch trying to be funny. Just have a debate.

  • Lewis

    Scarily, that reminds me of something my grandmother – who infamously stated that “Jews all talk with a lisp because they have long tongues” – would say.

    “It’s not racism; it’s a form of madness. God bless you, you think there’s a Jew in every shop” absolutely cracked me up, I have to say.

  • Alec

    The woman is completely right though. I’m a quarter Jewish, and my mother owns a jewellery shop. WHICH IS OPEN ON CHRISTMAS EVE. Thus, the theories are all true.
    On Christmas day, we melt a wad of wedding rings into a turkey shape made from gold, then set our genitals on fire and dance around it, before sitting down to fix the results of the following year’s Eurovision contest..

  • admin

    So you eat babies on Boxing Day?

  • Tediworrier

    No one eats on Boxing Day ….. euuuurrrrrgh!

  • MR Chris

    Just listened to thgat clip.

    Bloody. Hell.

    That is all.

    Mind you, I thought Mr Baddiel reacted very well to it. I would have staved her face in had it been me sat there listening to it.

  • Tediworrier

    this ranks with the girl who told our anatomy tutor that men have one less rib than women.

    …our tutor-group did not pass that week’s viva voce test