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Making Boobies Better: Epilogue

by on Jun.05, 2006, under The Rest

As you’ll have been unable to miss, there’s been a big pink button on the right of this blog (or somewhere scattered at random below your keyboard if you’re still so deeply and twistedly stupid as to still use Internet Explorer) for the last few months, promoting Kim’s fundraising for the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer.

And if you follow the link now (and add on another $700 that’s come in), you’ll see that the amazing $10,000 has been reached!

Kim did the walk yesterday, and is now complaining loudly to any who come near about the aches and pains in her legs.

You can see them for yourself:

Pain on the left, Ache on the right

So huge-o-congratulations to Kim for not only walking too far for a single day, but also managing to raise such a flipping huge pile of money. Kim – you are a star.

And also giant-o-thanks to everyone reading here who donated money toward the fundraiser of someone you probably don’t even know. It was incredible of you.

If you weren’t incredible, but would still like to be, obviously the more the better, so get the donations in quick. And remember folks, every penny goes toward helping boobs. What better way to use it?

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  • km

    You’re going to lose readers, John. No one wants to see my nasty, swollen feet.

    But for those of you who are interested, please note the size of the blister along the heel. That’s what the picture was sent for: proof that you can walk 13.1 miles on a blister that large. For the record, we walked for two days–26.2 in 10 hours the first day and 13.1 in 6 hours for the second.

    Thanks, everyone :)

  • Maddy

    Wow, that’s so cool! Well done, and I hope your feet get better Kim!

  • Maddy

    Slightly off-topic – John, just read your post again… What do you use to surf the internet?

    (I’ve got a new website – yay!)

  • admin

    I use Firefox, as linked

  • MHW

    My God, those are thick ankles. Fetlocks like a cart-horse, for flip’s sake.

    (She has gone, hasn’t she?)

  • MHW

    BTW, the BBC wants submissions from 12 & unders for their Doctor Who site. As no-one would reckon your stuff was done by a near-thirty-year-old, perhaps you could slip them a Brian does TARDISes?

  • admin

    MHW, that’s remarkably rude. And no, they don’t look thick. But now you do.

  • km

    yours would be thick, too, if you walked that far. unless by thick you mean fat.

  • MHW

    It wasn’t me. It was one of the people who turn up to impersonate me. Honest.