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Guantanamo Bay: With Children’s Facilities

by on May.28, 2006, under The Rest

Kim forwarded this to me.

More than 60 children have been held at Guantanamo Bay

The story has gone totally unreported by the BBC, and is buried on Yahoo.

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  • wiper

    Well, that’s just… wonderful.

    I can only hope Reprieve are somehow wrong… or perhaps I should hope for the opposite. Though terrible for the minors involved, it could at least provide an extra nail with which to hammer the coffin lid shut on Guantanemo Bay.

    Still, sad to say it barely surprises me. The US government, as seems par for the course these days, doesn’t seem to be trying to win itself many friends. Bah.

    I just hope I’m somewhere safe when things go to shit.

    Actually, I just hope that there will /be/ somewhere safe when that happens.

  • Space Monkey
    Inaccessible from the main news page and the American News page…Three paragraphs…

  • Nick Mailer

    Erm. It’s a non-story. There’s absolutely no evidence for those claims, other than the fact that ex-inmates have made the claim. Part of the Al Quaeda training manual (yes, it exists, bizarrely) instructs one to make up damaging allegations on being released from custody, as it happens, as black propaganda. If, as the human rights organisations say, there is “credible evidence”, they should present it rather than be all coy about it. Until then, it’s a non-story, and rightly so.

  • Tedi Worrier

    Then get somone to challenge the authenticity which equally bizarrely adds to the credence of the original and then sit back and bask in the publicity without any further effort.

  • Neil

    As long as the US continues to insist on the ridiculous premises that to maintain its security during this “war” Guantanamo’s detainees can’t be granted free access, even by their own Army appointed Lawyers. So people can make up any claims they feel like and who can judge whether they’re true either way? The whole things is an embarrassing mess and is another great example of what a bumbling catastrophe the Bush administration is.

  • Frosty840

    Dunno what you’re reading, but that link appears to go to a story about Guantanamo prisoners being on hunger strike.
    Maybe they moved it?

  • admin

    They had moved it. The link’s corrected now. They’ve changed the story a bit.