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Psychic Predictions

by on May.08, 2006, under The Rest

Here are some predictions for what will happen tonight with Morono-The-Magic, David “Camera Trick” Blaine. Should I be wrong, so be it. But it will look cool if I’m right:

– His world record attempt at holding his breath for nine minutes will not be eligible for inclusion in the Guiness Book of World Records for some obfuscatory reason.

– During his ‘escape’ attempt, he will suddenly look like he’s in incredible trouble, and be about to drown, and people in the crowd will scream and an emergency team will have to rush in. But Blaine will be gone! And appear somewhere else.

– The crowd will drown him for being the most irritating human of all time.

EDIT: Oh, he just did a rubbish anticlimax instead. Nice showmanship Blaine.

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  • km

    I don’t care unless Brian explains it to me.

  • Enki

    Brian’s Guide To Making A Public Spectacle Of Yourself

  • SuperNashwan

    Only, it’d be alright if it was some kind of public spectacle. Even Jackass managed better stunts, with greater humour and less grandiose pretension. I’ve more respect for Dominic Diamond for even considering being nailed to a cross than I have for anything Blaine has done. Maybe it’s the emminent achievability that makes Blaine’s shenanigans so appealing to Americans; a half-assed empathetic goodwill?

  • bob_arctor

    I knew about the whole had been breathing oxygen for ages so the breath holding is illegal thing. Wiki told me.

    /looks on BBC news

    Ah what he got lotion in the tank for his skin! I wanted to see it come off!

  • Steve W

    See, John, your public demands!

  • Nick Mailer

    Leave Brian to die a dignified death. It’s clear that his daddy has pulled the feeding tube.

  • admin

    Nick loves to announce this about once every three months.

    Sorry I’ve not been able to do them of late. He’ll be back in full force, don’t you worry.

  • MightyPenguin

    First you bitch about the fact that he’s a shameless self-promoting media whore, and then you bitch because he didn’t do any shameless self-promoting media whoring.


  • admin

    Neither of those things happened, but hey – whatever.

  • Maddy

    What is it with people trying to make insult John? It’s funny.

  • Maddy

    Oh. Sorry, John. I meant strange.

  • MHW

    What is it with people trying to make insult John? It’s funny [strange].

    Maddy, I suspect it’s something to do with their having met him.

    Ahah! Ahahaha!


  • admin

    How come I don’t have sicko-phantic commenters like Gillen?

    “Oh Kieron, I agree with you because you said it. Notice me Kieron. Notice ME!”

    That’s the sort of stuff I want from now on.

  • Steve W

    I don’t think you should be asking for those types of comments.

    No, not aahhh.

  • Nick Mailer

    Re: the Kieron comments. I don’t think the verb is usually “notice”.

  • Maddy

    I have noticed my appaling grammatical error. Oops.

    Oh, and by the way, I now wear glasses.

  • Pol

    I rock, John smells, GO ME!

  • Pol

    oh btw, pol is me, holly, from quake, with the dumb a** brother. And i’m the most amazing person ever!

  • Pete

    Is this what you were looking for?

  • admin

    I was more looking for the not rescuing.

  • MightyPenguin

    I wasn’t trying to insult the Walk-ster, just trying to point out that it appears no matterwhat Blaine did, he couldn’t have won in the eyes of botherer.

    And I’m not even going to try and fix that sentence, oh no.

  • admin

    The point still is that he did neither.

  • Maddy and Rosie

    listen mighty penguin you are a bird brain david blaine going insane in the membrane train

  • Maddy and Rosie

    Apologies. We have drunk a biiig bottle of cola.