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The Laboured Party

by on May.05, 2006, under The Rest

With Labour’s significant losses last night, a big shift toward the Conservatives, and the horrific gains in Barking (another win for Predeterminative Nomenclature) and elsewhere for the extreme-right racist BNP, hopefully the last of the sit-back-and-not-worriers will begin to recognise the distinct shift to the right occuring here.

Stephen Colbert’s rearranging deckchairs on the Titanic/Hindenberg joke is suddenly appropriate all over again, as Blair attempts to demonstrate authority by, er, moving all his best MPs into menial roles, and appointing shovel-faced morons like Beckett as Foreign Secretary. Because obviously Jack Straw was doing such a terrible job… oh no, wait. Blair appears to be upping the ante by setting fire to the deckchairs on the Titanic.

So here’s a sobering thought:

“One opinion poll taken before this week’s local elections suggest nearly one in four UK electors have seriously considered backing the BNP.”

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