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Nintendo Are Number 1!

by on Apr.27, 2006, under The Rest

Nintendo want to sell you their Wii

Yeah, every blog in the world is onto this, but I’m still joining in as I had to go out when the news was announced, and I want a go.

Nintendo, in case you’ve not looked at the internet, have announced that the Revolution is to be called the Nintendo Wii.

Pronounced: “Wee”.

So, after an hour sat in the fading evening glow of a clement Bath pub garden/carpark, and one hundred wee-jokes later, I want to compile the Ultimate List of Wee/Wii Jokes.

I definitely am going to queue up for a Wii. I might wait until the Wii prices are slashed. I really want a Wii right now, but I’m going to have to wait. Apparently to make your Wii work, you’re going to have to shake your wand…

Please, fill the comments with your toilet humour.

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  • Rev. S Campbell

    I hope you’re not too late with this. It’d be nice to see your blog make a big splash.

  • Richard

    A wee splash, surely?

  • Rev. S Campbell

    Man, the marketing guy who came up with this one was a real whizz.

  • The_B

    It’s all pish to me…

    Although there could be a spurt of bad puns.

    It bladder be good…

  • Steve W

    “The Nintendo Wii.”

    It’s only a matter of time before the other console manufacturers get in on the act; the Sony Pu is bound to follow soon.

    Though I’m sure it’ll always be…number 2.

    (with thanks to Punt and Dennis)

  • Steve W

    Oops. Man didn’t notice actual blog entry was titled, “Nintendo Are Number 1!” – thereby making obsolete the rubbish pun in that there last comment.

    Man was annoyed by this.

  • Tim R

    And there will be a big movement behind the Microsoft Crap.

  • Stu W

    From the point of the media manufacturing industry, we are looking forward to being up to our knees in Wii in peak season.

  • Grill

    Urine the game with Wii?

  • Steve W

    Just a tinkle, I think you’ll find that will be the company slogan when the latest incarnation of Fifa is released on the Wii.

    “E.A. Watersports: Urine the Game”

  • Tedi Worrier

    “Star Trek” on the Wii

    “It’s n good, Captain, I canna hold it” ….. er…. “her”

  • MHW

    ‘Gamers to lap up Nintendo’s Wii.’

  • bob_arctor

    “It bladder be good…” and “And there will be a big movement behind the Microsoft Crap.”
    are aweful. Awefully good. Anti-jokes if you will.

    Well we’ve got a shipment of 100 of the new Nintendo here on Auction Telly Programme, at two hundred pounds each!
    Now, if you read the bottom of your screen with your eyes you will see a number which you can read using your eyes and brain. That’s it.
    Now, if you want a new Nintendo box, type that number into your phone with your fat fingers and give us a tinkle.

    What a pay off after all that.

    “The Nintendo Wii will be just as satisfying as holding in a big wee for ages and finally getting to the loo and just relaxing as a thick yellow river spurts forth and you bladder relaxes”

    By the way Steve W (Steve Williams of PCG?) John Walker hates Punt and Dennis.

  • admin

    It’s Steve Wilkinson of the Bemli Institute, and he too had better hate Punt and Dennis, or he’ll get whatfor.

  • Steve W

    Rebranded MYFAMLi of late, but yes Mr Arctor, I am well aware of Mr Walker’s Punt and Dennis hate. They are more than deserving of anyone’s loathing and are to recieve honorary thanks after the relaying of any bad pun or “well funny” topical allusion.

  • Mrs Trellis

    Do the ladies need to Wii sitting down, or must they Wii standing up like the boys?

  • maddy

    John. What *have* you started?