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Not Enough Owls: The Day Videogaming Changed

by on Apr.26, 2006, under The Rest

Yes, there is no doubt that there are far too many blogs. Yes, there is no doubt that ‘blog’ is a ghastly term. But once in a while, children of the internet, something a little bit special comes along.

If, like me and many others, you’ve often found your enjoyment of gaming hindered by the consistent and quite deliberate exclusion of owls, then I’m pleased to tell you at last some fine, upstanding, virile and remarkably attractive people are doing something about it.

Not Enough Owls is the beginning of what will be a very powerful campaign to end this strigiformiphobia that has been dirtying the industry for over thirty years. Thank you for your time.


Not Enough Owls now has a proper home!

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