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3WK has been one of my major sources for discovering new music for about six years. It’s an internet radio station, broadcasting free (but you can pay for a higher bandwidth stream, which you should, because they need the money) new “indie music”.

It’s the best selection of music I’m aware of, online or on radio, anywhere.
The hit to miss ratio is astronomically better than anything else I’ve listened to. And it DOESN’T HAVE ADVERTS.

But that’s not the only reason to love them (although it’s enough). For years they have been in the frontlines of the battle against the RIAA’s attempts to destroy internet radio.

In fact, there was a time when they didn’t charge for their best streams. The RIAA’s forcing of “pay per play” rates on advertising-free internet broadcasters was something 3WK fought hard to prevent, but in the end the organisation (Nick points out that the RIAA are peculiar in their unashamed purely evil existence – they have literally no merit, no positive influence on anything in the music industry, or indeed in the world, and instead behave like comic book baddies) bought the laws they needed in order to win the court cases. There’s nothing the little guy can do in the face of billion dollar organisations simply purchasing the laws they want.

But that wasn’t enough. The RIAA now want more money from the few stations that were able to survive their last attack. 3WK depends upon the donations of its listeners to continue, and its listeners kept it going. Further entirely needless increases will likely kill off even the most resiliant. And remember, these are perfectly legitimate broadcasters, following the rules.

Once again, 3WK are heavily involved in the court battles to protect internet radio. But it’s costing them a fortune. They need money, and they deserve money. These guys are heroes.

Head on over and donate.

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