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  • Tedi Worrier

    Emotions add dimension, colour and atmosphere. without emotion you’ve never felt… and if you don’t FEEL the game you’ve never been THERE…..and if you aren’t There it is just a pastime.
    Emotions add power …. let them rip and enjoy the helterskelter adventure ride.

  • bob_arctor

    Nice use of the amygdala there. Wonder how many people know what it is.

    You could have also said the limbic system.

    Interestingly you remember things better if you have emotional attachment to them, one of the reasons going into to work this morning probably did not get remembered but your hamster’s death did. Hippocampus.

    This means you, John Walker, are getting more classic gaming memories than anyone else.

  • Richard Hamer

    That bit at the end of The Longest Journey not only made me cry a bit, but also sent me into a near-catatonic state where I stared at the screen saying “Woowww… games don’t usually do that” very slowly.

    So, yes – great article Mr. Walker. No-one in their right mind could ever mock emotional attachment to games like that.

  • Lewis

    “I think anyone who might take the stance that games cannot make you cry is either a sociopath, has never played Angel of Darkness and tried to walk in a straight line, or simply a big, lying coward.”