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I Am A Robot Man

by on Apr.17, 2006, under The Rest

So now we know why The Beta Band lost their magic after the 3 EPs: They needed to break up.

The Aliens’ single, ‘Robot Man’, created by a couple of the former members, is the best song ever in the whole history of all time this week, and if the Universe is even vaguely correctly balanced, will bring back The Robot dance craze in a manner that will be both horrendous and joyful. To be lazy, it’s Daft Punk meets Primal Scream, with harmonies. And that’s all you need.

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  • bob_arctor

    John. You are a man with excellent taste. I worship you.
    Mind you I liked the song about dreams and the song with the kids singing, and the depressing “once upon a time I was falling apart/now I’m always falling in love” song, off The Beta Band.
    I like Hot Shots II. There are a lot of good tracks there.
    And Heroes to Zeros had some good tracks.

    But they did not do anything to beat Dry the Rain, their best song ever. Or Dogs got a Bone where it goes “listen you will see we’re climbing yeah doo doo doo doo you will see coming on in coming on in listen you will see coming on in we’re climbing” in a swirl of joyous singing and the piano going up and down. Great stuff.

  • bob_arctor

    You heard any of King Biscuit Time? That’s Steve Mason, the singer.

  • Tim Major

    Did you see that the Aliens are playing the Green Man Festival this year? The lineup’s getting really good (Television Personalities, Calexico, Sunburned Hand of the Man, Bert Jansch…)- see .
    I didn’t realise who the Aliens were but I really loved a lot of the Beta Band stuff, so you’ve got me excited…