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  • thegamesthething

    [hilarious mockery of previous days discussion, as per EG comments, demonstrating complete inablitly to let it lie]

    God, I’m brilliant.

  • Nick Mailer


  • bob_arctor

    I chuckled at you and Stu’s comments a lot. :)

    “you and Stu’s”…

    Anyone with a good grammar sense tell me whether that’s right?

    or “mine and Bills’s potato”? That right?

  • thegamesthething

    Does it matter much? You both missed ‘inablitly’ though.

  • Tim R

    Bad grammar is a hanging offence. Typos reap only a light chastisement. Would suggest “your and Stu’s…” since the comments belong to both Stu and you (or rather, him). Perhaps rewrite – “the comments of Stu and your good self” and then discover that you hate the person you’ve become and hang yourself anyway.

    I expect correction, and inevitable chasetisement or hanging from Nick now.

  • thegamesthething

    Yup, I can see the improvement, alas it is a bit of mouthful given the number of times it has been required. Apologogies in advance if I forget.

  • Tim R

    By Nick, I of course meant the real Nick – Mailer, not the ersatz Nick, who deceived me for a while by being in such a surprisingly agreeable mood.

  • Tedi Worrier

    “youse and Stu’s” has a certain appeal, I find.

  • Tim R

    I feel certain that is right, TW

  • Tedi Worrier

    whatever is left will make do