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Making Boobies Better

by on Mar.06, 2006, under The Rest

So for some reason, about 400 people are reading this site a day. I haven’t looked at such things for a long while. Weird.

I want to put you all to good use.

You occasionally get a chance to make a difference. I want for one of those times to be now.

My very good friend Kim’s mOm had breast cancer a few years back. Ever since, she and Kim have gone on the Avon Foundation Walk For Breast Cancer (I think they mean in support of those with it, rather than marching for the rights of cancers in breasts. At least, I really hope so).


It’s not some crappy jaunt of flappy women. It’s a two day, 39 mile walk. They mean it.

Kim and her mom have walked ever since. Except this year her mom can’t go, as more cancer was found in her spine. The current results look really good, and she’s been through treatment, and horrible things like the neck brace are now off. There’s still a few more months before everything is A-OK, so this year Kim’s walking alone.

In response to this, Kim’s decided to increase the amount she’s aiming to raise from $1,800 to $10,000.

I think that’s a remarkable and noble step. Most would have given it a miss this year. Kim’s marching forward.

It deserves respect, and more than anything, the charity deserves money.

So give something.

Do it. Click on either of the images, or this sentence, and give a teeny weeny bit of money. Or loads if you’re rich. If everyone reading gave a tiny bit, say $10 (£5.71), Kim would be halfway to her total.

Don’t not do it for once.

If you don't, I'll hate you forever.

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