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  • charity

    I value your healing touch, John Walker

  • roBurky

    What about sparing a thought for the unrecognised debuffer, who silently prevents the team from taking damage in the first place?

  • Chris

    A really good piece of writing about something I’ve never really considered before, despite being on both the giving and recieveng end of those barbs.

    If nothing else it’s prompted me to have a closer look at The Escapist.

  • Andy Krouwel

    Isn’t this the Goalkeeper’s Problem?

  • admin

    I’m sorry – I don’t speak your “football”.

    But if I guess right, I suppose a bit. He gets punished for letting any in, but not recognised for the saves? But then, from my little knowledge of football, they tend to make a big deal out of saves in highlights. I can’t see an ignored equivalent of the top-up heal.

  • Steve W

    I can vouch for this. It’s the same when playing any game which allows you to don the robes of a healer. I still play Return to Castle Wolfenstein reasonably regularly, in my preferred guise as a medic, and the hassle you get from your teammates makes it seldom worthwhile. You can see a comrade-in-arms fall at the other side of the map, bravely work your way to him, despatching dozens of enemies on your way, risking life and limb amongst the dropping bombs, expertly dodging sniper bullets and ‘nades, only to see him finished off a split-second before you reach him due to his advertising his presence by constantly crying to the world.

    Cue calls of “n00b!” or, more commonly, “idiot c*nt medic!” – such is the lot of the healer and so it will be always. At least you get to mend yourself in that one.

    Oh, and would you mind if I used the Brian from Brian’s Guide to War as my avatar on one of the RtCW forums I occasionally drop in on? Credited, of course.

  • admin

    Please do – like I say, use as much as you wish.