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  • VP KM

    Usually I don’t really read your reviews because, as you know, I don’t get them. But Bubble Bobble I know. Oh do I know it. It was 1 of the 6 total Nintendo games that I actually owned (Mario 1, Mario 3, Skate or Die, Excitebike, Tetris and BB…I was pretty sad). I also feared the Hurry Up Monster. I enjoyed this review for not only the fact that you reminded me of all the wonderful things in the game, but also your literary switching of style from age 11 to now. Well done, Mr. JW.

  • Andy Krouwel

    The Bubble Bobble theme is the only thing I know how to play on the piano.

    Unfortunately, it usually wins.

    However, in a very real sense*, we all lose.

    * for anyone within earshot