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A few things.

by on Jan.03, 2006, under The Rest

Firstly, I’m really excited to see how well the test has gone down. 862 people have taken it at this exact moment (edit: 1313 now), of which 16 have lived. Which is just shy of a 2% survival rate, which sounds about right.

Interestingly, the highest scorers are aged 60 – 65, or gay men. Or both. Which is ideal. The two least reproductive groups in society, ensuring that the future numbers stay safely down. Also, that the least annoying people in the world are gay retirees. Which is a fascinating new Fact.

Secondly, I’m hoping for 2006 to be The Year of the Rabbit. The Chinese seem to think that as of the 29th it will be the year of the Dog. We’ll see about that.

I’m going to see if I can up Brian to three a week. It will require me to be less lazy.

I’ve had a few requests to make t-shirts or similar, but at the moment that would probably lose me money. There’s currently about 100 people reading Brian a day. That’s not very many. Realistically, to make offering t-shirts or similar affordable, this number will probably need to increase at least five-fold. I’m not looking to make huge wads of cash – even then I’d not make anything much – but it would be nice to be able to sell Brian stuff if people want it. It would certainly make me proud.

So the mission is: spread the word. If you can link to Brian, please do so. And tell your friends. And those you hate.

Also, people sometimes ask me if they can use a Brian cartoon somewhere. The answer is pretty much always: yes! Brian is copyrighted very specifically so that you can duplicate, copy, print out, paint on the side of hot air balloons – whatever you like as long as it’s not to make you money. Share him. Obviously I’d appreciate it if you kept the web address attached to things, but you’re in no way obliged to, and you definitely shouldn’t if it would spoil whatever you’re using it for.

Thirdly, I definitely had a thirdly when I started writing this.

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