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The Rules Made Test

by on Jan.02, 2006, under Rules

The excellent OKCupid has a script that allows users to create their own The Spark-style tests.

The Are You Good Enough To Exist Test is the Rules, embellished slightly, and with marvellous illustrations.

I strongly recommend taking site creator Christian Rudder’s tests, especially the initiating Personality Test.

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  • Steve W

    85% and still DEAD (I suspect it was my reluctance to categorise umbrellas as ‘nine-pointed death stars’). A bit unfair that; what with only 100%-ers surviving the cull, I suspect that come the day, the only future resident of the planet will be a Mr J Walker. This is something he should consider if he wants Train, Camp, or Church Girl to share his glorious new world.

  • admin

    88% is enough to survive.

    Of the 600 people to take the test so far, about 10 will live.

    Pretty much perfect.

  • bob_arctor

    Maybe it would be Christian to accept some flawed, after all we’re all human, not Godlike, so maybe let people who are majority human live? Forgive? Or just enslave?

  • admin

    And stand behind you at checkouts? Not likely.

  • Frosty840

    I lived :D
    I’d have lived more if I hadn’t gone to school at a place with lots of external classrooms and no shelter (not mobiles, unusually, just lots of tiny little buildings all over the place. Must have cost a ridiculous amount to heat.) and thus picked up the habit of using an umbrella. It was pretty much either that or die.

  • Richard

    I would like an addition to the rules regarding people starting conversations with ‘guess what’.

  • charity

    whenever someone in my presence starts a sentence with guess what i immediately shout CHICKEN BUTT! that makes it better.

    also, for the record, i’m justifiably dead, although John tripped over my corpse so that makes that better too.

  • DaveT


    I live.

  • Richard Hamer

    85% – I’m dead.

    However, in the brief seconds before death, I would also like an addition to the rules for people who start every sentence in a story they’re telling with “so he turned around to me…”

    Unless your friends really do stand there furiousley rotating on the spot while chatting to eachother, it just sounds stupid.

  • admin

    Ooh! Good one! I can’t believe I forgot that!

    There are enough new rules for an update, actually.

  • KM

    OK, I am an idiot and read 1 question wrong. That plus you changing to allow smiles in IMs bumps me up to nearly living. But then on a retest I got 96% without really straying too far from my original beliefs. Remember the new motto: Re-educate to re-populate.

  • admin

    No! I don’t want to repopulate. Actually, I’m going to blog about that.

  • KM

    Well, that would definitely put a damper on the end of days. Couldn’t you re-educate a certain percentage of women to repopulate the world?

  • Richard

    Justifiably Dead
    You managed 85% Humanity.

    farewell cruel world

  • JohnMid

    92%. Almost killed by smilies, I think. ^_^

  • Andy Krouwel


    Or is that part of the test?

  • Andy Krouwel


    Was that part of the test too?

  • Mrs Trellis

    You’re mean. I like umbrellas, they keep you dry in the rain.