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GET ON THE HORN (bitten by your own snake)

by on Dec.23, 2005, under Rants

Good heavens, it’s like an audio mirror.

I’d like to issue a public apology to everyone who has come near me in the last two months, and thus has inevitably heard me go on mercilessly about something I heard on Loveline. Please understand it’s a sickness, and while I deserve your wrath, your sympathy would also be appreciated. Anyway, so, here’s something I heard on Loveline.

This is like a massage for me. It’s therapy.

There are better renditions of this rant, without some idiot going “yeah” in the background all the way through. But this will do for now.

Adam Carolla brings sweet joy into my life.

(Also, here is rude one about vaginas, which makes me laugh until I cry every time I hear it).

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