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Review: Battles of Prince of Persia

by on Dec.17, 2005, under The Rest

The DS offers some excellent opportunities for innovative reinventions of successful licences. It lends itself towards inventive slants on well-known names. With that in mind, I’d like to present a few pitches for game ideas, in the hope that fat publishers will hand me wads from their vast pockets filled with money.

Tomb Raider: Leap of Faith. The extremely popular Lara Croft is back! And she’s bringing with her all the excitement of everyone’s favourite party game, Twister! That’s right – the DS’s unique touch-screen finally provides the possibility of body-contorting interactive family fun, brought to life in the Tomb Raider universe in this brand new text-based adventure!

Splinter Cell: Fire In The Hole. Sam Fisher’s awesome adventures have so far explored the dizzying worlds of international espionage. But what about when Sam has time off? Finally this missing portion of his life is brought to players through the magic of TV’s Wipeout. In an exclusive deal, Paul Daniels provides his voice for the episodes of everyone’s favourite daytime quiz that Sam will watch from the comfort of his armchair. Using the DS’s microphone, players will be able to create Sam’s voice, uselessly shouting answers at the pre-recorded footage on the screen. Sometimes while wearing those green goggles.

Battles of Prince of Persia. Set between the events of Sands of Time and Warrior Within, this tantalising latest tale of the nation’s favourite Prince finally answers those questions you had about what he was up to all that time. In the form of a customisable card game! That’s right – at long last the full extent of the Persia licence is exploited in a turn-based strategy, where Advance Wars meets Magic: The Gathering, in the tile-based battle sim card game everyone’s been asking for… Oh, wait. Hang on. Did someone already do this one?

One day, when the world is good and pure, my reviews shall be ALL NEEDLESS INTRODUCTION.

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