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Apology to Daniel Emery

by on Dec.14, 2005, under The Rest

I feel rather obliged to post pointing out that Daniel Emery says he is not in fact RAM Raider.

It’s an interesting one. Unfortunately Emery has the impression that I have been the source of this information. This is certainly not the case. As is the way of the games industry, the name flew around from all manner of sources, until everyone was convinced. Late in the day I made a reference to this on Stu’s forum which was almost immediately deleted, and then last night used the name here when linking to the site.

I want to say that I was merely going with the received opinion as much as anyone else, and in fact made the deliberate decision to not connect the two names publically until I thought it fair game after the award I received yesterday. Unfortunately, I did this anyway with the comment on World of Stuart, and played a large part in perpetuating the rumour.

EDIT: In fact, it was somewhat confirmed when ‘RAM Raider’ stated that he bloody well was Emery here.

I apologise for my part in associating Daniel Emery with the wretched ‘RAM Raider’, as it’s not a connection an apparently innocent man would really want to carry. This isn’t a fudged trying-to-get-out-of-trouble response. I don’t consider myself in any trouble to get out of. I feel bad for having perpetuated something that apparently isn’t true. Although I remain fascinated to learn quite why ‘RR’ has made the statements he has.

What’s most annoying is that ‘RR’ doesn’t merit or deserve any of this attention, and I’m faintly annoyed to now be so embroiled in the mire after only throwing in a couple of comments to the mix. If the coward would only name himself, it would make life easier for lots of people.

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  • Feet

    I bet it’s Gillen. :P

  • Feet

    Argh! Where’s the rest of my post? I out lots more than that!

  • Rossignol

    So RR is Dan Emery and not Dan Emery at the same time? Like a quantum fucker!

  • Anonymous

    It really doesn’t matter whether RR is Dan Emery or not. What is important is that, amongst his misguided rambllings, he has made the connection that most of what Future does is corrupt. This isn’t a slur against any of the fine journalists that write for the mags, rather the ethos behind Future as a whole. It’s grown from a company that cared about content to a company that exists to do business. The casaulty of this is the reader. And the mags. And the full-time staff that know what’s going on, but can’t say anything for fear of being sacked.
    I’m not making these points on a purely baseless level. Ask the publisher of the games titles who signed a piece of paper to the effect that none of his mags would EVER review America’s Most Wanted, in return for a huge chunk of advertorial spend. Said piece of paper exists now outside of Future and if a reply came to the effect that he would lose his job if it was produced (which surely it should if Future has any claim to credibility), I will scan a copy.