John Walker's Electronic House

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  • pharoahe_monch

    it was a really good read. really!

  • bob_arctor

    Oh I would buy a DS very quickly if they released a decent management game. Rollercoaster Tycoon too much to ask for?
    I’m slightly worried by the power of the DS. Or lack thereof. It sounds like it can barely handle the rubbishy world of Zoo Tycoon. Without any sound processing even.
    Civ for DS. /drools.
    SMAC for DS. /mmmmm
    Thief too much to ask for? Thief 1 ran on software.

  • Andy Krouwel

    Ah, The Q-Bert Conundrum, as we used to call it.
    This is certainly a novel solution.
    Perhaps they’ve been playing too many hex-based wargames?