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Diss ORGanised

by on Dec.01, 2005, under The Rest

Nick Mailer has sparked off an excellent debate over on his BLOG, daring to challenge the latest wave of Really Rather Cross Letter Writers in the guise of new digital-rights campaign group, ORG. (Nothing says quality like a tech-head organisation’s website being the default WordPress template, with no mission statement anywhere to be found on the front page…).

The fun stuff happens in the comments, with Terribly Nice People don’t like the idea of someone actually doing anything. People who do things only encourage Hitler, you see.

My forays into the world of Free Open GNU Software Source Linux, and the peculiar behaviour of groups like this, leads me to suspect that many people involved would hate it if a solution to their complaints were found. It beings to look an awful lot like a co-dependent relationship between complaint and complainer, and when a radical movement is suggested, anything that might actually change something, and force them to peer outside their protective DRM-free bubble, must be immediately stamped out. They do have the answer, and I firmly believe in the philosophies of the GNU organisation. Which leaves me feeling bewildered that so many inside seem to so defiantly not want to share it with anyone.

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  • Phil Wills

    I’m not convinced encouraging a reductio ad absurdem of the entertainment industry’s position i s practical or desirable. It’s worth thinking about and investigating, but I don’t think it’s ‘the answer’.