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  • Chris

    The Beebs RSS feed does. It’s been obsessing over it for the last week.

  • admin


    It’s the lead NEWS story at the moment.


  • Paul Black Smells of Heartbreak and Bitterness

    But he’s really important, honestl. He holds immense sway over a multitude of factions in the middle east.

    Or he’s some broken down old alky who shagged some blondes. one of the two.

    Dead important though, honest.


  • Stu W

    It seems that the 25 hour, 8 days a week news obsession in the media is leading not only to a lot of pointless news but also the excruciatingly following the deaths of famous people right from a slight cold to their last breath. For example,.although a greater man than a drunkard footballer, the coverage John Pauls last few days was endlessly tiresome. It would be nice if they could leave the dying in peace and inform us when their done.

  • bodnotbod

    If you don’t have this kind of advance warning and extensive coverage, firstly how is one to set up a sweepstake in time? And secondly, feel any sense of suspense/excitement as the time on your chitty begins to float into alignment with the increased urgency in the voice of the reporters?

  • Emma

    Last night’s 10 O’Clock News was particularly bad, going straight from an item about 150,000 people dying of famine in Niger to George Best dying in hospital. I suppose we should be grateful that at least Niger came first in the running order.

  • bob_arctor


  • Kieron Gillen

    This is not a nice way to talk about me, Walker. I could be hurt.