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Ban This Being Sick Filth

by on Nov.24, 2005, under The Rest

Excellent front page from the World’s Most Horrendous Newspaper, the Daily M**l.

Is This The Most Awful Headline Ever? See page 5.

Ignoring the fact that they’ve somehow travelled forward in time and taken photographs of the drunken behaviour that will happen later tonight as a result of our being treated like adults for the first time since WW2, and the dreadful inevitability that it portends of every single drunken incident getting reported as if happening for the first time ever (further making the photographs more ludicrous), it’s the peculiar threat at the top in the DVD promotion that entertains me.

Good grief, quickly, get to WH Smiths!

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  • Alexander

    “Good grief, quickly, get to WH Smiths!”

    Don’t. Because I work there. And I can confirm that your local, independent newsagent deserves your money more.

  • Steve W

    “Don’t. Because I work there.”

    What, in…in every one?

    Anyway, WH Smiths is great. If I went to my local newsagent he’d quite rightly give me a slap if I spent an hour or two once a month reading all the best bits from the magazines.

    As for the Mail and its ilk, a special Bullshit Commission should be set up, to read the papers each day and fine them heavily when they print something like this. Ordinarily, I’d be against such censorship, but as long as it’s me who gets to cry “Bullshit!” I don’t see a problem.

  • Steve W

    Further justifying the need for a Bullshit! Commission, the front page headline of the first edition of the Times this morning read: “Women Can’t Claim Rape When Drunk, Judge Rules”

    I mean…

  • bob_arctor

    World War 1 was the first time drinking hours were introduced.

  • admin

    Yeah, but they were necessary in WW2, and not when it ended, so that’s the moment I picked.

  • Tom Hardy

    The Daily Mail SAY they’re campaigning against larger-loutitude and all that, but what they REALLY wanted to do was get their rocks off to a bunch of photos of ladettes falling over each other. AND get to print them on their front page. Whew. Working at the Daily Mail must be great.

    There was a petition to get the Daily Mail in my school’s common room this week. I didn’t sign it.

  • Neil

    I’m just waiting for the 128pt front-cover headline from the Daily Mail apologising for the unjustified scaremongering. I feel holding my breath may be unwise.

  • Alex Moores

    “Women can’t claim rape when drunk judge rules!” Did the Times mean to put a comma in their headline?