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John Walker foils ‘terror attack’

by on Nov.08, 2005, under The Rest

John Walker says he has foiled a terrorist attack in the final stages of its preparation, after 8,000 people were arrested in Bath and Bristol.
By Chief Terrorism Reporter John Walker

John Walker spokesman John Walker stated that John Walker had averted a “potentially catastrophic attack that would have killed every child and puppy on Earth”.

Anti-terror organisation John Walker explained that John Walker’s last-second arrests are the only reason that a terror attack that no one has ever heard of, nor has ever been warned of, has been stopped, but that it definitely would have happened if it weren’t for John Walker.

“John Walker’s work has given us an extention to our lives before the inevitable destruction of all mankind at the hands of evil terrorism,” said John Walker representative John Walker.

Police chief John Walker warned, “We should all live in permanent fear of these terrorist attacks that definitely are about to happen all the time. It is only thanks to the work of John Walker that we managed to escape it this time.”