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Another Deathless Year

by on Oct.27, 2005, under The Rest

Someone told me, and I can’t remember who it was now, that being 28 means you can no longer be a Blue Peter presenter.

So today my hopes are dashed. Happy birthday to me.

What would be a nice birthday present would be a Sox win in the next three hours, meaning that not only will I be able to get four hours’ sleep before getting up to head to Guildford for the day, but also be able to go to sleep at nighttime thereafter.

Last night’s Game 3 was insane, going into a 14th inning, or as I like to call it, past 7am. I slipped into a coma before the final run by Chicago, but have a vague dream-like consciousness of the winning home run from Mr Stupid Hair at the top of the 14th.

(This is the only time you’ll hear me talk of any sport, so hush Gillen, once every fifty years is manageable).

Also, many happy returns also to the No. 1 Celebrity Games Journalist Of All Time Ever, the extremely lovely Stuart Campbell.

Now people, show me your love.

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