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  • Andy Krouwel

    Is Myst going to be available for the DS?

  • JohnMid

    “His life is put into your hands; the left one on the D-pad, the right asked to manage the buttons and the stylus.”

    As one of those annoying cuddies, I can’t help but think back on the film, Hunted, and that Japanese bloke screaming at Christopher Lambert- “IN JAPAN THERE IS NO LEFT HANDED!”

  • Richard

    I loved those adventure books… still have them. The island one was my favourite.

  • Steve Wilkinson

    I’m a little surprised at your blasé attitude towards the revised editions of the Famous Five books. The passages you mention were a reflection of a way of thinking prevalent in certain quarters at the time, and is there not an argument to made that it dangerous to rewrite history in this manner, even with something so trivial as a book for children?

    For my part, I’m unsure. Nonetheless, it’s an interesting additional complexity.

  • RowanDT

    Toppingly, I used to do the voices in Enid Blyton story tapes in my youth and I ended up playing some kind of foreign prince in the … Of Adventure stories, as well as such Blyton heavyweights as Julian from the FF and Peter from the SS. And they’re still available at all good retailers!

  • admin

    You’re the best person who’s read my site ever!