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The Only Serious Student of Gaming

by on Oct.07, 2005, under The Rest

A while back, Kieron discovered the blog of the only serious student of gaming in the world.

He noticed.

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  • Kieron Gillen

    I was going to drop him a line to say that he really needs to calm down a bit, and understand if that he’s going to spend all his time linking to people and insulting them he’s going to attract a little flack in return. Especially mild, in both our cases, but seeming to have really got to him.


  • pharoahe_monch

    this guy is psycho! but still i like to read his blog. i feel kind of attracted to attitude where you hate seemingly everything in your chosen field, but still hate yourself and your life more to do something else instead of playing all that “rubbish”.

  • Lewis

    I love how he doesn’t have a comments system on that blog…

    And continue to laugh at the irony of him repeatedly spelling ‘Gillen’ incorrectly.

  • Richard

    According to his page at the moment, the Nintendo DS requires a stupid dongle to play online games (nope, that’s just for if you don’t have a Wi-Fi network set up in your house), crap cameras are bad (gosh!), his belief that he’s the only one who’s said that videogames are more like movies than boardgames (never mind all the talk about filmic cutscenes and Hollywood casts and all the like, or, y’know, interactive movies and games like Fahrenheit that went into it with the decision to try and blur the line), and that the word ‘Megatexture’ is silly..

    I continue to be impressed by his delusion that anything he says is in any way clever or insightful.

  • DaveT

    Don’t forget the fact that “wireless connections apparently only work for ten metres”
    in his world, at least.

    He’s sorely misinformed about many things, and I hope it’s a joke. I really do

  • AndyKrouwel

    Aces! I’d lost the link to this and was beginning to despair of finding it again.

  • Richard Hamer

    I think he must literally foam at the mouth while typing all this stuff.

  • Chris

    Is it wrong that I find his blog so enjoyable. I feel guilty, it’s like rubber necking as you drive past a crash on a motorway; you know you shoudn’t look, but it’s just so compelling.

  • pharoahe_monch

    no it’s not wrong. i find it compelling, too. if loving him is wrong, i don’t want to be right. dubidu, love is in the air!

  • pharoahe_monch

    ok, of course i love jwalker even more. so come back and feel free to comment after me, too. tnx.

  • aerisdead

    Hey! He quoted me, too! Awesome.

    Has he ever explained what is wrong with Grim Fandango? I mean… It’s a bit hard, I guess.

  • Iain

    Oh yeah, I remember him. Nut. Bar.

    This guy is so broken he makes my Mad And Wrong phase look well-adjusted… and that’s saying something.

  • Iain

    I mean, this guy *likes and respects* Derek Smart.

    I rest my case. B-ro-ken.

  • Tom Hardy

    Holy Christ, I’ve just realised.

    /He’s our Jack Thompson!/ A total lunatic, reactionary, devoid of any modicum of sense, modesty or humour. Totally self-assured despite being universally derided – it all adds up. Oh, come to think of it, maybe it IS Thompson, trying to infiltrate our ranks. And failing as only Jack Thompson can.