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by on Sep.09, 2005, under The Rest

The ‘boys’ at The Triforce point out C&VG’s entirely brilliant headline, regarding the end of my arch nemesis (since Cryo died), the dismal Myst series:


Pure genius.

I’m declaring an international day of mourning for Cyan and the demised Myst series on the 16th September.

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  • James Lyon

    I’ve noticed lately that there’s been a bizarrely pervasive aura of nostalgia and affectation regarding the Myst series these days. Not just in that Edge article, other sources seem to be looking back with a less hostile fondness to the series’ endeavours. All of which seems strange regarding its often been the easy grab for mockery amongst many.

    It probably says more about the state of the adventure genre today than the dangers of rose-tinted spectacles, I reckon. For the record, I don’t hate Myst (it has its merits) I just hate what it’s done to the concept of adventure games for the last decade – being imitated far more than it has been bettered. Atlantis? Gah!

  • admin

    It’s always been the case. Myst is on a level with Hearts and Minesweeper in terms of its gaming significance. It’s access was so ubiquitous, coming free with every new PC, printer, battery and Fruit Salad tuppenny sweet, that those who don’t play games played it, and forever set their values at that level.

    This nostalgic reflection is based on ignorance, and then in turn, the games media’s fear of opposing such a strong force of audience ignorance.

    It’s dead. It’s dead.

  • Kowalski

    I’m sorry but I did quite enjoy Real Myst.

  • MHW

    Oooh, the comments thing just said welcome back. How nice.

    But I have news for you. You are now sindicated to LiveJournal:

    You may wish to advertise the fact yourself. I’ll be looking into various LJ communities that might be interested.

    The cult of Johnism knows no boundaries.


  • MHW

    And that should be ‘syndicated’. Tsk.

  • Andy Krouwel

    Better than ‘Cyan Died’, which doesn’t work on any level.