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New Look

by on Aug.17, 2005, under The Rest

Well here we are then.

Updating WordPress from 1.2 to 1.5 turned out to be a bit more of a haul than expected. It also demolished all that had gone before, including the fine Mr Richard Cobbett’s lovely CSS. Not having a clue how to get it back, I decided it was time for a change.

And in changing, I appear to have caught up with a number of things.

– First off, there’s now titles to entries. Not a huge deal, but it makes navigation much easier. I’ve only bothered to title the stuff that appears on the front page.

– Then there’s Categories. This means if you’re looking for, say, a review entry, it’ll be much easier to get hold of. I’ll go back through at some point and file the older posts.

– And after a few pesters recently, I believe I’m now RSSsy. Still no idea what this actually is, but I do seem capable of it.

Huge thanks to Martin for all the help and patience and fixing of mistakes this evening. Do let me know any comments or criticisms about the new look. I’m going to fix the “boring” – Kieron Gillen, 2005, banner soon too.

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