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Does He Know Jack?

by on Aug.09, 2005, under Rants

I’ve tried not to cross-post with my other hooded and cloaked online presence, but this story is too good to write about only once in a day.

Jack Thompson, the US ‘lawyer’ who has spent his entire career attempting to supress expression in the media, has brought himself back up to the tippytop of his desperate fame via the GTA: San Andreas ‘Hot Coffee’ story. Surfing the wash of Hilary Clinton’s reactionary insanity upon the discovery of a mod that allows you to see non-nude, simulated cartoon sex, his idiot-mouthed screeching has ensured there must now be a tedious, and obviously entirely pointless, review of the contents of videogames.

Of course there’s an upside to this. It means that the ever-moronic Thompson will offer up ever more of his spectacularly stupid statements. His pathalogical inability to say anything that doesn’t immediately contradict itself is remarkable. It’s as if an angered gypsy put a curse upon him as a child, and ever since he is incapable of saying a sentence without immediately making a spectacular arse of himself. The recent 80 minute interview with Chatterbox contains some specials. Here are a couple of them:

When discussing Rockstar’s next release, Bully – a game which is alleged to contain simulated bullying, although of course no one claiming this has even seen the game running – he exclaims at the horror of a game that encourages violence saying,

“Somebody ought to grab these nutcases by the lapels.”

Sheer brilliance. But as nothing when compared with possibly the greatest quote of all time:

“There are sociopaths everywhere. Some of them are in government. Some of them are at Take Two. In fact, we’ve got a bunch of sociopaths in Edinburgh, Scotland, sitting around in their kilts, sipping single malt whiskey, spreading racial, hurtful stereotypes in this country.”

If he weren’t a lawyer, I’d call him an ignorant, scaremongering charlatan who should be in jail for contempt of court.

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  • Wilko

    This whole Hot Coffee thing is something which seems to have largely bypassed me until reading up on it now.

    This is absolutely brilliant stuff.

    “Never mind the killings and theft and violent crime; someone had sex!!!”

    FFS. Yet another example to add to my list.

  • bob_arctor

    What is “sniper mode” and how do I set my game to it?
    Secondly how does “God-mode” help me murder innocent Americans with my gun I bought from the town store?
    Thirdly I am having problems killing people with my gun. I move the mouse but I can’t find the mouse or the gamepad even!!!! And there is something called a safety. I couldn’t reload either, even when I pressed the R button on FIRE.
    I also couldn’t shoot my neighbour because the Halo Crosshair is Really Big!!!! So I couldn’t aim!!!
    But it was okay because God said it was okay to kick gay people!

  • pharoahe_monch

    wilko, the problem is Take-Two and RStar didn’t say there was sex in the game. the game needs rating and the rating needs awareness of what’s in the game. of course, sex was never meant to be seen in regular playtime. but some of the public is always in search of GTA-related bloodletting.