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Boston Tea Party, Bristol: Toilet Graffiti

by on Jul.23, 2005, under Photos

Men’s toilet in Boston Tea Party Bristol, second cubicle:

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  • AK

    Those are fantastic.

    There’s a pub just off Carnaby Street with “I sit here, heartbroken” scrawled next to a really intricate drawing of a girl.

    The stuff you find on cubicle doors.

    Someone should do a trendy photo blog of them. Call it “LooArt” or something.

  • Lewis

    If it’s anything to compete, Carpe Diem in Leeds has, written on the condom machine in the gents’:

    £2 a go! Burst one, win a baby!

  • Lewis

    Oh, incidentally, John:

    I was idly browsing through the They’re Back archive just now, and got to issue 119 – which, seemingly, I did not purchase. However, at the very end of the ‘And the Rest’ column, seemingly *completely randomly*, you mentioned me.

    Erm. Hmm?

    So I’m wondering, since I see no reason for my being mentioned there, am I missing something? Or, perhaps, did it refer to someone with the same name? Or, erm. Yeah. Just hmm?

  • Defragged

    You take your camera to the toilet?

  • John W

    Lewis – They cut it from the printed version. It was a reference to a forum gag where someone in-house stated that any requests for reviews on the disc would cause it to be delayed by another month. You did so, I referenced it. Shame it didn’t get in, really.

    Of course, the real reason there aren’t reviews on the disc is far more interesting.

  • Defragged

    Obscure licensing issues?

  • Lewis

    John: ah! I have… no recollection of that. Heh. How random.