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Bombings: A Tribute

by on Jul.21, 2005, under Rants


Marking the two week anniversary of the London bombings of the 7th July, a series of small pretend explosions have been detonated on the capital’s tube network in honour of the tragedy’s victims.

Met Police chief Sir Ian Blair said, “It’s a delightful tribute”, adding that the entire transport network of London would be shut down as an act of respect.

“I was on the train to Warren St,” said commuter Tom Brimwell, “but I got off at the previous stop for some reason or other. I find when I get some smoke it my eyes it can sting quite badly – I’m just so glad I didn’t have to see that bag pop open a bit.”

A bus has even had its windows blown out, making sure that the road’s public transport isn’t forgotten in this special event, sponsored by Pack-a-Whack Backpacks. Members of the IRA, Al Quaeda and ETA joined Tony Blair and mayor Ken Livingstone for an informal meal, before going out for a dance.

A fifteen second silence is being organised for Monday lunchtime, 12.00 to 12.00.15.

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