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by on Jun.27, 2005, under The Rest

So the wretched Stephen Green rears his hateful head again, and once more manages to receive astonishing amounts of attention. The Co-Op’s decision to refuse to act as a bank for his hideous organisation has caused the more stupid and reactionary Christian groups to flap around. But none so appallingly as the CPA (Christian Peoples Alliance (sic – they refuse to use an apostrophe)).

In a press release today, they announce a “disinvestment campaign” against the Co-Op. Of all the moronic, spiteful and cruel responses, this has to be the lowest. Such pitiful ignorance, and such a grotesque response, makes me want to scream.

Here is my letter in response to their press release:


Your behaviour is utterly dispicable.

Perhaps the most immediate warning should be that you are siding with the cruel hate-mongerer at Christian Voice. His appalling racism and cruelty would be something I would hope any Christian organistion would distance themselves from, rather than advocate via his nonsensical, attention-seeking campaign.

But that aside – to attempt a boycott of the Co-Operative Bank! Have you given any thought to this reactionary behaviour at all?

The Co-Op is the only major bank that does not invest in arms manufacturers, despotic regimes, or corrupt businesses. It is the only major bank that campaigns for liberty, that invests in projects aimed at improving the lives of the developing world, that attempts to make a difference and manage their business in an ethical way. And you wish to launch a hate-campaign against them.

You have attempted to make this a matter of “The Co-Op are refusing to support Stephen Green because he is a Christian who disagrees with homosexuality.” This is a deception of the highest order. Stephen Green’s awful behaviour has already caused the police to have to shut down his site. His campaign against the Gay Police Association was viscious and deceptive, showing nothing of Christian love, but only earthly hatred.

It is utterly disingenuous to create the impression that the Co-Op’s actions are based upon a Christian stance on homosexuality. It is a stance against vile hate, and as a Christian I am delighted that they are willing to take a stand against such a person.

I dearly hope that you will reconsider such an awful campaign. To attempt to boycott the Co-Op makes me mourn for what has happened to a Christian voice (sigh) in public. Not only does it demonstrate a gross ignorance as to the nature of Christian Voice and the reasons behind the Co-Op’s decision, but it states that Christians are hate-mongering and cruel, willing to crush and destroy anyone who dares disagree with them. Your obfuscation of the issue only further ensures that this is the impression put across.

Please, withdraw your press release, and withdraw from any campaign against the only half-decent bank on the planet. I am embarrassed to be a Christian in the face of such a site. I beg you to reconsider.

John Walker

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  • bob_arctor

    Fucking stupid Christians.
    Not all of them. Just these ones.
    Why can’t they all be like woolly liberal CofE or Quaker people?

    But slightly more seriously I think this is interesting as Islam’s stance on issues is often in the media with people saying “I’m not inciting religious hatred BUT this religion is stupid and backwards” but presumably they could do this to Christianity as well.

  • Tim R

    I fear you’re right. I hope that you’re right mostly because in any broad group of people accepting a label there will be people ranging from superstars to scumbags, and, as we know from our newspapers, scumbaggery gets more attention. Of course since the guy who kicked off christianity was more of a superstar, a lot of us are being a bit rubbish not living up to his standards. Some don’t appear to realize we should be trying… But the world will brook no excuse for these people. To be perhaps a little flippant, the effect is as if I were to tar atheism with Hitler, or Africa with Mugabe.

  • DAT500

    *Holds CO-OP debit card aloft*

    Ethical policies are far nicer to cuddle than free student account Virgin vouchers – unless they’re for actual virgins, they’re quite cuddly too.

  • Nick Mailer

    Just to knock an old Canard in the neck: Hitler was theist.

  • Tim R

    Hm. Cruelty to ducks.

  • Andy Krouwel

    I’d say it was more ‘despicable’ and ‘vicious’, and I presume you are embarrassed by the spectacle they are making, not their web presence.

    I’m practicing my copy editing.

  • John

    Yes – I should always remember – spell check, even when angry.

  • bob_arctor

    Hitler started a Nazi church.