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by on Jun.23, 2005, under The Rest

This arrived a couple of days ago while I was away:



I think I can help you. Your blog post mentioned and The Conspiracy of B. Well, you had the code (as promised at the blog). Whew. Thanks.

The morse code I have no idea what it means, but I got an email telling me I was the THIRD LINK, and it instructed me to find you (and the second link, i don’t know who that is) and give you this.

Seems to be some kind of form, but I don’t know what is means.


I’m not going to print the guy’s email address unless he gives me permission (or indeed exists).

If the second link could contact me, either by email or commenting here, we can see what’s happening.

If anyone’s following, these are the sites that appear to be linked to the email I received: (the result of the morse code translation)

The UnFiction thread about all this:

I don’t know if this has anything to do with anything, but someone posting on the blog above has the link:

The Enchanted Forums has the following posted to it:


You are getting Closer to the Truth
Must be quick.

God damn this connection; it’s just so slow.

If you are reading this, then I must hand over these to you. It is an envelope addressed to “Benedict Vargas” and contains a gold watch, a broken piece of a walking cane, and this odd letter. I will try to scan it, but as I said, the connection is too slow for me.

the letter reads:

“Dears Sirs

“Please be informed that memos for Phase One have been sent out. You will find them

“Six Doors Ago.”

Scrawled in a hasty pencil script (looks like a girl’s handwriting), is the words

“What’s the question you want to be answered?” she asked him, as I stalked from behind, taking pictures of the beautiful woman with him. They looked happy together.”


So, um, yeah. This is all weird.

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  • Duckie

    oh! no, The Strange Stories of Sarah Kiddo is just a blog I link to whenever I sign up to my forums. Its a place where I am working on the skeletal outline of a novel, so people can see the creative process.
    DUCKIE and SARAH KIDDO are NEVER going to be in game ;-)
    I just joined because you’re able to.

  • Lewis

    Hidden in the page source of, and translated from German:

    “whatisthiswhyareyouhere – experience more over whatisthiswhyareyouhere. Here you find all info…”


    “whatisthiswhyareyouhere – experience more over whatisthiswhyareyouhere. Here you find information about whatisthiswhyareyouhere…”.

    If it’s any help, the page’s full URL – as in the uncloaked one – is

  • Lewis

    New post on EnchantedForums:

    “Thank God. This connection isn’t so bad anymore.

    I’m starting to think that the lag is caused by the .tk connection. Well, here goes nothing:

    Please look for my encrypted code in a website my colleague arranged for me to have. I’m going to discreetly place the code there. The decrypter will be placed at that same website. You will find more than a code there. Subject 6 is namechecked at one of the pages, or so I am told.

    I can’t reveal too much. It will come naturally to you. The mosquitoes are killing me, and I’m bleeding from a cut at my thigh. Damn blood suckers.”

  • Lewis

    And… AND… new post over at, which seems to open up some sort of narrative.

  • a conspirator-of-b reader

    I actually find the sig of Lazarus interesting… “What’s the question you’re looking to be answered”… I think I’ve heard that, and the description of the ‘beautiful woman’ before…

  • always_black

    I have a question:

    Um, your actual grip on reality, is it so strong you can afford to mess with this stuff? Hmm? Just a thought.

  • John

    Yes, my grip on reality is such that I can play a game.

    I like to think of it as: not being a sociopath.