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by on May.25, 2005, under The Rest

Stuart Campbell has coined the phrase “New Furious Games Journalism” to describe the phenomenon of recent weeks where slightly grumpy games journalists try to sound REALLY CROSS while not actually having anything to say.

It probably begins with the appearance of “RAM Raider” – a hilarious pun we’re all agreed. April this year he viciously leapt onto the web, all full of venom and hate, ready to reveal the hideous Truth of the games industry. And he has so far torn the establishment apart with news that, “games are sometimes reviewed too quickly” and “PR companies are a bit wasteful with their envelopes.” Keep an eye on Future’s shares.

And now up springs Gameslag. It’s another angry blog, but this time furious about the lack of quality in games, rather than in journalism. Posts are attributed to ‘AK’, who is presumably the same guy who posts as AK on Kieron’s blog regularly. This doesn’t seem very important – this isn’t a hatchet site focused on the excitement of its own secretive existence. However, it still appears to be upsetting RR who has seen fit to call him names and say he’s a bit like a girl. Sigh. But most bestest of all has to be Mr R. Raider’s complaints that “AK” is being anonymous, and how cowardly this is… More sigh.

I kind of wish these people would put their efforts into getting their passion into the magazines they write for, rather than the websites they hide behind. It’s possible, but it takes some effort.


EDIT: The last thing I wanted out of my post was for AK to stop or remove the site. And indeed, it’s the last thing I expected. About 60 people read this site a day, a few thousand visit RAM Raider’s. I was merely observing the new trend, riding high on the zeitgeist as I am only able, and lamenting that people seem to spend a lot of time complaining about magazines, and not much time actually trying to improve them.

I can’t see any reason for AK to take down his site. With RR being named all over the place now, I doubt his site will last the day. It would be good to have the more entertaining grumpiness of Gameslag continuing, I think.

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  • AK

    I put as much passion into my work as I do Gameslag.

    More in fact.

    But you’re right. So I’ve decided to take the bastard thing down.

    It’s a waste of time and energy that could be spent on the magazine.

  • Andy Krouwel

    At last, someone has made a website to write about laggy games.


    But it’s gone.


  • John

    Nah – I think you were onto something. I liked the posts that weren’t about how average games are average. There’s no reason to not keep going.

    Don’t get dragged down in the spin of RR – you weren’t writing an anonymous blog, and there’s no reason to not keep going with the observations and entertaining vitriol.

  • Andy Krouwel

    I can’t think of a better way to express disappointment than ‘Huzzoo!’

  • Cian

    ‘Bugger’ perhaps?

  • Lewis

    AK: That your site had infinitely more respect from the people that matter than RR should be reason enough.

  • Rev. S Campbell

    Well, I think they’re *both* twats. Shit, I mustn’t matter.

  • Lewis

    Erm. Okay, most, perhaps.

    Though your decision to personally pick up on that baffles me.

  • John

    Take no notice. He doesn’t matter.

  • Tom


    PS. Could you accuse Steve Ballmer of putting too much enthusiasm into his speeches and not enough into Microsoft? I think the results might help us all.

  • Tom Camfield

    Andy: How would you pronounce “Huzzoo!”?

  • Andy Krouwel

    Like Huzzah! but with a drawn out, frowning, inconclusive oo! at the end to replace the definitively joyful release of the original ah!

    The huz must be kept exactly the same, to impart a poignant sense of optimism dashed.

    The ! is, of course, secretly ironic.

  • John

    No one else, anywhere, has better commenters than me.

  • Lewis

    Even when facing a wall?

  • John

    ARGH! Cross pollination!

  • Lewis

    Ah, I love being mind-bendingly annoying.

    Apologies. Carry on…

  • Lewis

    And on an unrelated note: It’s been a *very* long time since Brian happened. I’ve built you a fanbase. It’s becoming restless.

    (Seriously, though, I sent the link to a couple of friends, and since then it’s pretty much gone right round everybody. A friend’s dad’s office has actually blocked the site because it was getting too much traffic in working hours.)