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  • James Lyon

    Hey, let me break silence just to say that’s a really good site. I’ve been poring over it for a few days and it seems pretty sound – I guess best akin to the TV column in Private Eye given its own spin-off magazine.

    Only criticism I can give it is the organisation of reviews. I’m always a little wary of first episode ‘it’s good/bad/OK let’s see how it develops’ criticism. I can understand in the case of constantly being in the now, but the further back in the archives it goes the less relevant it gets unless it’s balanced with a look back at a series’ end.

    Plus, unless you’re aware of the exact dates of transmission it’s difficult to see at a glance where exactly in a programme’s existence they’re talking about without ploughing through.

  • John

    Email the site and let them know, I guess.

  • James Lyon

    I was thinking just that. No point complaining about if it’s not to the source.