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by on Mar.15, 2005, under The Rest

“Do you get to keep the games?”

That’s the question I get asked the most about my odd little job.

“Yes,” I reply, “but only to remind myself of the torment.”

I’ve just reviewed Legacy: Dark Shadows for PC Gamer. I can’t say anything just yet, because the review won’t be out for a bit, and people at PC Zone might try and copy, because they are like that. Especially Will Porter. He’s the sort. I dunno, something big might slip, and this Croatian point and clicker might get the cover. The attitude to writing games magazines is a lot like curling your arm around your exercise book and leaning your face an inch away from the page as you write. “Get off! No copying!”

best of all the animals!

The game’s already available, and I think there’s little that could advertise it better than having a listen to what could vaguely be described as the theme tune. The reality is it plays when you click on ‘Quit’ (a not unlikely event), over some credits that appear. This loops eternally, unless you click the mouse, which crashes the game providing a handy error message on your desktop.

So make your way to the game’s site, here, and have a listen to this.

I don’t want to be presumptious, but I’m thinking: I Love Horses for 2005.

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