John Walker's Electronic House

by on Mar.12, 2005, under The Rest

Sometimes sublime things happen that must be shared, no matter the cost.

The cost here being describing how a forum thread, that manages to go off topic within about one post and quickly becomes about the nature of gaseous planets and finger-pulling, is then illustrated as a bar brawl in the Star Wars universe.

Actually, I think this is what people who don’t use the internet think the internet is like all the time. Thank goodness it was at least once. A forum thread that’s illustrated as it goes along is a unique and beautiful thing. Mark’s drawings make it even more beautiful. And A-B’s forum is one of the very, very few forums I don’t want to smack with a shovel.


(And before this becomes a new net-meme, I’d like to coin the phrase “forumic”. Here’s looking forward to the first post-forumic…)

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