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by on Jan.27, 2005, under The Rest

It’s good to be back.

bad, bad crime

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  • chrissy

    i don’t recall there being as much light when you beat me at badminton earlier

  • Kieron Gillen

    Did John do anything to make all the other Badminton players on the court run up and attack the pair of you?

    Then it’s safe to say that your game bares little relation to our games.


  • John

    It was also easy to distinguish because Kieron wasn’t lying dead on the court, complaining about how it was someone else’s fault that he didn’t fly away earlier.

  • Kieron Gillen

    I make the mistake of relying on my friends to protect me like I protect them. Which is never that clever.

    Actually, I’ll take three of those deaths as purely my fault. The ones against the Vampires, especially, were just fucking stupid. I honestly couldn’t believe I was doing them as I did it.

    Inner voice:
    “Release an AOE attack. Go on. They’re bunched nicely”
    “No, don’t! They’ll all turn from Andov and attack you”
    “Here goes”
    “Er… are you even listening? You decided against that”.