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by on Dec.24, 2004, under The Rest

Well then, have a splendid one.

I’m heading to Guildford for a few days, where I fully intend to write my book and read many others. What I will of course do is sit around playing on my GBA, and then go to the pub. But I think that intending to do good things is nearly the same as doing them.

I did open up my book the other day, and I’m fairly pleased with what I have. I just need to find the motivation and the wherewithal to write more. Hopefully some dead time and a laptop will get me going. We’ll see.

I discovered a book the other day that I was slightly surprised to learn I didn’t write. It’s called “Change the World For a Fiver”, and is definitely on sale in Waterstones. Oddly enough it’s five pounds, and it contains an enormous number of ideas for how to change the world. It brings me joy that others understand the microscopic possibilities for changing the world, as well as the macroscopic (if such a word exists).

Containing ideas like:

“Capture a child’s imagination: When kids ask you to read a story to them, it’s because they know something you don’t. They know you’ll both feel richer for the experience.”

“Write to someone who inspired you: Nice to do. Nice to get. What is there not to like about it?” (comes with a postcard to fill in).

“The art of reverse haggling: Confuse the wonderful people who work in charity shops. Pay them more than they bargained for.”

And so on. It does get a bit twee (even more than above), and occasionally spurious, with the awful page about taking half as many muscles to smile as frown. Gawd. And also demonstrably complete rubbish. Smiling takes 12 muscles, frowning takes 11. Complete breakdown of those muscles here. And as my friend Mel once said, “And it only takes half as many again to punch someone in the face.”

But despite this, it’s a great idea, and it comes with a pack of seeds for growing trees, which is great. It also suggests leaving good books lying around for other people to find, which is the best idea I’ve heard in ages.

Have a merry one. And don’t buy the shitty Band Aid single, if you haven’t already. If you feel the need give the money direct to the charity, and don’t fund the music shops and recording industry.

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