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by on Dec.09, 2004, under The Rest

I weigh exactly 15 stone.

1 stone down, fat fans.

Go team me.

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  • Rob

    15 stone isn’t exactly heavy, either. Go you indeed!

  • Rev. S Campbell

    Man! With those svelte new lines, soon you’ll be kissing ladies and everything!

  • John

    Come now, let’s not get carried away.

  • NickM

    15 stone *is* heavy. Go into your garden and carry 15 big stones around. No, a man of John’s stature needs to weigh no more than 7 pebbles, a scoop of rubble and a handful of gravel.

  • Craig

    So how long in total has it taken you to lose the stone, John?

    And goog going Team You!

  • KM

    I should know this by now…but how much is a stone again? No matter what the answer is…congrats!

  • John

    1 stone = 14 pounds.

    Craig, it’s taken me three months. Which is a long time, but that’s the reality of it, I think. As Nick pointed out when I started, I must think about how long it took me to put the weight on, and be realistic about how long it will take to come off. He also said that if I wanted to lose weight any faster I’d have to amputate a limb.

    It’s quite nice to think that in three month’s time, I might well weigh 14 stone.

  • Craig

    It’s really, really well going – you should be proud. I plan to shed some weight right at the new year. A decision which came into fruition when I found out that my parents had spent £400 on Christmas shopping alone, a few days ago.

  • John

    Whenever you start, it’s not a huge ordeal. Because you’re not going to do anything that’s a big deal. You’re just going to write down everything you eat for a week, and then using this site:

    work out how many calories you’re eating a day. You have to be completely honest and write it all down. Then when you’ve done that, work out what you can eat a day without eating more than 1500 calories. It’s actually loads. But it involves cutting out the killers, like Mars Bars (450 calories). IMPORTANTLY: also not eating LESS than about 1200 calories a day, because that’s is bad for you.

    My plan for Christmas is to do this more strictly than I have recently, to prove that it’s possible to eat fitfully and heartily over the holiday season, while still eating a sensible number of calories. That will show Them.

  • Craig

    Cheers John, hat site looks like a great help. I’ve bookmarked it.