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by on Dec.06, 2004, under The Rest

This takes far more work than it looks like.

The They’re Back Archive is now updated to match the theme.

Love me.

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  • Richard

    Referring to:

    Review 5:
    Tomb Raider IV
    Sold Out
    PCG 78
    By John Walker

    did don’t seem to have mentioned the game at all?

  • Richard

    strange nonsense,

    YOU don’t seem to have mentioned the game at all.

  • John

    That’s rather the point. It’s an in-joke, but bearing in mind your link you should probably have got it : )

    I was doing an impression of me. And I’m always told off for barely mentioning the game. Hence not mentioning it at all.

    However, it never got printed, so you and the evil editors can relax.

  • Lewis

    *snarls at Ross*

    Talking of him, I laughed my head off when I re-read the impression of him. “I have a beard,” randomly placed at the start of a paragraph. Classic.

  • Tom Camfield

    “Tell me if it works”

    Hello. Some things…

    Possibly because my PC resolution is 800×600, on the main page “” (and the text beneath it), hangs out on the left beneath the last blog entry.

    Similar problem with “BOTHERER HOME” (and the text beneath it) in both They’re Back Archive, Botherer Archive and all the reviews. The text starts beneath the coloured tables but this time on the right.

    In the They’re Back Archive, issue 79 appears in the “0” column, rather than the “9” column.
    …are in old format.

    In the Botherer Archive, the Copylet invokation appears after a longer gap than it does in the They’re Back Archive. This may only matter to me.

    All three of the tables (Bother Home, Botherer Archive and They’re Back Archive) are different widths. This may also only matter to me.


  • John

    Yeah, size and shape is random because I really don’t care all that much.

    As for the right hand column moving to the left, yes, that’s because of your resolution. Because it’s a bodge job, and because barely anyone is still going to be using a res that low, fixing it is a big hassle. What are you doing at that res anyway?!

    Ta for the TB problems. I’ll get around to those at some point.

  • Tom Camfield

    I’m travelling round the world, so I’m using the cheapest internet options availible. This generally means Win98 with tiny resolutions. It’s nasty.